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[24 OCT | 17z - 20z] [XB+CH+FR+IT+XN] Avro RJ100 Farewell Fly-in
[Afbeelding: Avro%20RJ100%20Farewell%20Fly-in.png]
Banner picture by Wim Peeters, more magnificent work available on his Facebook page!
The Avro RJ100 and Belgium share a long and fruitful history together. Having served about twenty years for Delta Air Transport (Sabena), SN Brussels Airlines and later on Brussels Airlines, this aircraft type has transported millions of people through Europe. At the end of October Brussels Airlines will operate its last commercial flight with this iconic jet, which will mark the end of its phase out program.

The BeLux division wants to put this end of an era in the spotlights. In cooperation with the France, Italian, Nordic and Swiss divisions we invite you to the Avro RJ100 Farewell Fly-in. Five typical and challenging airports, all of which have been served by the Avro's in real life, have been selected for this event. Depart from one of them and bring your RJ100 (or similar) back to Brussels for a last time!


Event date: Tuesday 24 October 2017
Time frame: 1700z - 2000z
Destination: EBBR


Please visit our BOOKING SYSTEM to choose a departing slot from Ajaccio, Calvi, Florence, Geneva or Stockholm Bromma. Keep in mind that only booked flights are guaranteed an arrival into Brussels. Depending on the traffic non-booked flights might have to divert to an airport in the vicinity.

Pilots are encouraged to fly the Avro RJ100 during this event, however any civil jet aircraft in wake turbulence category 'medium' will be accepted. Keep in mind though that some departing airports might be performance limiting for the aircraft of your choice.

Once your booking is completed, you will receive a confirmation email with your flight details and pilot briefings. In order to avoid confusion, make sure to read these documents carefully and check the latest procedures and charts. You will do yourself, other pilots and controllers a big favor.

Completed flights will be rewarded with one point for the BeLux Pilot Event Award. Additionally one point can be earned for the Pilot Event Award of the divisions managing one or more of the following origin airports: Ajaccio, Calvi, Florence or Geneva. Please report your flight using the applicable link.

[Afbeelding: PE.gif]


The ATC schedule for positions in the BeLux division will be managed by the ATC Operations Department. Please visit the ATC REQUEST PAGE to apply for one or more positions. Applications will be closed on Friday 20 October 2017 at 17z. The schedule will be released and sent to you by email on Sunday 22 October 2017 at 17z.

Controllers will be rewarded with one point for the BeLux ATC Event Award.

[Afbeelding: AT.gif]


Should you have any questions, feel free to contact xb-eac@ivao.aero

The co-organising divisions' event departments wish you a great experience!

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