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[IVAO BELUX] 26 FEB Brussels RFE
[Afbeelding: temp%20banner%20wide3_zpsw9vosdpb.jpg]

The BeLux Region is pleased to present you their next event called "Brussels Real Flight Event". 
It will take place on Sunday, the 26th of February, 2017 from 11z to 20z.
Every ATC position will be staffed in order to simulate the same environment as it would be in real life around Brussels.
We expect everybody to have a look at the route they intend to use and then double check with the charts 
so they're aware of what they may be asked to do.

Book your flight at our RFE website.

Park yourself at the stand given the flight registration mail. 
(we are aware of some problems with the stand system, 
however we cannot change anything to this anymore)
It is recommended to fly the published routes as well so they are NMOC validated. 
In the case you picked a transatlantic flight, a suggested route will be suggested still 
and you will merely need to pick the NAT of the day to make it correct.
All information regarding to the airport and the Brussels airspace can be found on the FIR page of our division.
NOTE: Non booked flights departing FROM Brussels will be subject to delay as much as necessary. 
Full priority will be given to real flights as this is the purpose of such an event. In the case you expect to fly TO Brussels, 
the same policy will apply. There are also high chances you get diverted to a regional airport such as 
Ostend or Liege within the Brussels FIR if the on going traffic load is too high.

The only way to do it is by sending an e-mail to xb-eac|at|ivao.aero 
as soon as you know you may not attend the booking so the slot is set to pending again.  
Set only “Cancel RFE flight” as topic to your mail! Specify the flight in your text.

Ensure you have looked at the CHARTS prior to departing and or arriving.

FSX payware
FSX freeware
X-plane freeware

As a sign of gratitude towards those who fly inbound and or outbound our Real Flight Event, you will be rewarded with:

[Afbeelding: AC.gif]

The XB Division of IVAO will issue the Aviation Celebration Tours Award to everyone who is flying one or more flights 
from our present time table with a total flight time of at least 3hrs or two flights whichever is greater. 
In order to receive the award, pilots should report all flights by using the event reporting form.

[b]All ATC is being provided live on location at Brussels Flight Simulators in Zaventem. 
During the RFE the simulator is exclusively reserved for IVAO members and other enthousiasts who come to their location.  
We would like to thank them for providing a room at their venue for our event!


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